number of servants,

Category: Daily Life | Type: Historical | Title: Emma (in Context) | Author: Jane Austen | Vol: Volume II | Ch: Chapter VII

We're not given much information on the Coles' house, but they're backed by abundant new money that enables them to supersede the Westons.

In 1815 about 1 out of 80 or so families in England belonged to the aristocracy or gentry. If the Woodhouses and Westons constitute the gentry in Highbury, we would have some 160 other families of, say, five people in each or 800 people. If we assume an average of two servants per family, Highbury's population is around 1000 people.

According to Amanda Vickery's The Gentleman's Daughter "modest landowners nationwide" had about seven live-in servants. Although servants were taxed, we can assume that people of such wealth as the Woodhouse and Cole families and with such establishments had at the very least that number. 

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